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My mind and all that matters...

it's all crazy talk

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Oo, a mini biography, well, I claim to be a writer, cause I write stuff every now and then. I like to listen to myself talk from time to time, hence why I finally opted for a blog. Um, other than that you'll just have to figure everything else out on your own :-P

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Pink is Love

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User Number: 4558633
Date Created:2004-09-16
Number of Posts: 305

Ripley78 is a writer by nature. She can sometimes get very distracted, but chocolates and cakes are sure to bring her around. She is vertically challenged, which forced her to learn the art of climbing furniture no matter how wobbly. This in turn brought on many bumps and bruises through the years. Occassionally she can still be seen falling out of chairs and running into sliding doors.
Strengths: Easy to get along with. Able to turn a phrase when the need arises.
Weaknesses: Tends to get distracted, so sometimes forgets to finish thoug...
Special Skills: Speed typing. A scholar in all forms of laziness.
Weapons: Wit and Charm, a deadly combo.
Motto: "If your dog is smarter than the president, vote for your dog."

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