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My mind and all that matters...
it's all crazy talk
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For the last year Steph and I have been dealing with a metric fuck tonne of red tape. First with going through visa's for marriage license. Part of which was pushed back when Steph's dad died and I would miss the visa cut off by a week, however the government was unwilling to acknowledge the circumstances, they only wanted more money for express mail which was more expensive than going through the visa process again. It took 6 months and 3 trips to the UK to go through the visa process and get married.

Then we started the visa process for Steph to come over here in November. We are FINALLY to the point of waiting for an interview date, which was an exciting and crushing email all in one. Because there is a caveat that while we are in line for an interview, it can take up to another 60 days. Grr.

I am SUPER done with government red tape. The only bonus is that my criminal history has zero red flags since I've had to have a background check about 5 times in the last two years. EVERYONE has my fingerprints now.

In other news we got a new puppy. A white and brindle pit bull. Obedience training has been...taxing so far. Potty training is going better than I expected, for the most part she follows Willow outside and uses the potty. Unfortunately she still likes to pretend she is boss and have "accidents" in the house. That won't fly.

She is a shithead, but her and Willow are getting along like gang busters. Unfortunately she is growing like a damn weed and my fear is she will quickly outgrow Willow and accidentally hurt her when playing. On the other hand I welcome her growing like a weed so I don't have to worry about the little shit getting stuck under the barn while she is exploring.

Now if I could just get her to stop eating the tree and bush and grill...

Since the update is out of the way now on to the rant about a show I haven't watched.Collapse )
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So, this game was an interesting one. It is an episodic game and I think as a whole each episode stands on it's own while introducing things to make you keep playing. I did not play the game in it's episodic format because, I'm easily annoyed and knew I wouldn't like waiting for the next episode to come out, so I waited till the entirety of the game was released.

This is not a long game. Even exploring everything, getting every picture available and redoing several conversations I beat this game in just a few days. So don't get this expecting a long haul. Since I paid 20 bucks for the game, I got exactly what I expected.

Also, don't go into this game expecting the most amazing graphics ever. It is stylized, which suits the mood of the game. That's not to say the game isn't pretty, it is.

Before going into spoiler territory, the quick run down of this game is you play as the character Max, who wakes up one day with the ability to rewind time, and you spend the next 5 episodes trying to fix things and stop the town from getting destoyed all while reconnecting/falling in love (choices depending) with your childhood friend.

Spoilers for Life is Strange contained withinCollapse )

Don't get me wrong, I'm still curious what they will do with Season 2, but I hope more thought is put into cohesive story instead of tackling every social issue known to man.

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So I finally finished all of Dragon Age Inquisition, after having to repurchase it for Playstation 4 (only 1 DLC was released for PS3, the rest were for next generation consoles).  Anyway, I think I posted some of my thoughts on first playthrough, but here is the whole round up.

Here be spoilers for the age of DragonCollapse )

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Wow..been a long time since I updated in here. Two years it looks like. Craziness. Lots has happened. Still working at the same job, not really loving it but it's a job, right?

Lots of rambling be in hereCollapse )

A little on gamesCollapse )

A bit on moviesCollapse )

Well, that's pretty much it for right now. I know I missed a lot, as it's been two years, however this is the best yer gettin'!

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I still exist. Had a great vacation with Steph over the holidays, but honestly this post is more about venting on the talking heads going around in the news right now that is starting to get under my skin. People are basing arguments on half a story, not the underlying issues at hand.

So, here begins the vent.

Christians - there is no religious persecution. I know you want to believe it, but it just isn't there. Unless other states are wildly different than here, I have yet to see Christians hanging in the local gallows nor have I witnessed the age old burning at the stake. Yes, Christians WERE persecuted, your good book even has examples, but people demanding that you stop making your religion the one religion that rules them all, that is not persecution. Yes our founding fathers were Christian for the most part, but they fled England in one part to practice religion how they saw fit, ANY religion. So when you ask me do I believe prayer should be out of school, my answer is YES since your religion isn't the only one that prays. Unless Christians are willing to set aside a significant amount of time in school to allow all other religions THEIR praying methods and allow non-religious children something they wish to do then prayer should stay out of school. When you ask me if the pledge should stay in it's current form my answer is NO, because "under God" was not originally in the pledge, and attacking any public leader who says the pledge in it's original form just makes you look silly. God on money and in the pledge was added somewhere in the 50's, and personally, as someone who is non-religious, I don't want to my nation to be under God since I consider that entity to be along the lines of Santa Claus. So "one nation, under Santa Claus" sounds pretty weird doesn't. In the end, people telling you to STOP putting your religion above ALL the other religions in the US (Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, pagan, etc.) does not mean that those people are persecuting you for being a Christian. It means you are being kind of assholes and treating every other religion as less than yours.

NRA - good lord you people are looking more and more unhinged, and arguing a point NO ONE is making. NO ONE is trying to take ALL guns away. Yes, we kind of what high powered weaponry taken away, because honestly, what the fuck do you think you need to kill to protect yourself that an AK-47 is necessary for? Why should someone be allowed to have hundreds of magazines of ammunition? And don't use the "so we can rise up against the government" argument, because even you yourself have stated these weapons would be available in the black market so we can NEVER be rid of them. I agree, however getting an assault rifle off the street is a lot fucking harder than going to a store and purchasing them. If someone wants a gun to protect themselves, fine, but there needs to be CONTROL in what is purchased. There needs to be better background checks. Something needs to be put in place before people start getting scared to even enjoy a day out since mass shootings are becoming less and less the exception. If people stop going out and buying things this leads to bad things for the economy. Again, no one is talking about total irradication for guns, so STOP arguing this. We've read the constitution, we know the second ammendment, but no where in that ammendment does it state citizens NEED a grenade launcher. Trust me, if you know how to weild them, you can do plenty of damage with a simple hunting rifle and handgun.

Government - it's not video games and movies that's the problem. Yes you nailed the gun control part, but the other half to this equation is your lack of help for people who are mentally unstable. It's not there. At all. Why is mental health treated as the black sheep to the medical family? Why can I almost get painkillers for cheaper than medicines to help someone chemically imbalanced? People who are mentally unhealthy don't need to just find a hobby to occupy them, or just find something that makes them happy, that is the point, THEY CAN'T. How about we talk about this, instead of focusing on the strawman argument of video games and movies. Because lets face it guys, neither of these things will be a trigger for something that ISN'T already there.

Anti-Obama people - this almost relates back to the Christian thing. You are shouting at the top of your lungs about something, that for the next four years, is unchangable. And arm chair bitching about decisions he wants to make just makes you look butthurt and insane. If you don't like what he is doing, contact your local representatitve and tell them. YOU voted those people in office, they are there to vocalize your needs and wants. If you oppose it by posting a meme on the internet, you aren't doing anything. If something he wants to do is bad enough, make a SANE argument, go to the news, go to Washington, start a local campaign and stay in the public eye. Stop posting passive aggresive meme's like it makes a difference. Trust me, all your friends already know whether you do, or do not like someone, now get off your fucking ass and do something about it and STOP posting repetitive meme's. It makes you look insane and childish.

...Ok I will give you guys the Trillion dollar coin thing though. That was a ridiculous hail mary.

Gay marriage and DOMA - please give me a sane argument why you are against this? Marriage now isn't what it used to be, marriage is about two people who love each other, not two families trying to better their lives and profit by effectively selling their daughters into servitude. So don't throw me the crap of sanctity of marriage unless you are willing to acknowledge the roots of marriage. Being straight and married you have a few conventions we do not. You can go to ANY hospital in the US, any of them, and being married you will be allowed to see your loved one. Gays need to hope their loved one gets sick in a relatively open minded hospital who will allow same sex couples a visit. But even if we can visit there is nothing we can do unless we draw up specific legal documents to allow decisions to be made...unless any family comes in and trumps that document. The problem with DOMA is that these issues are going to hit you straight people too, but all people are focused on is us yucky gays. DOMA will do away with marriage by Justice of the Peace, Domestic Partnership, Common Law Marriage. So if you weren't married by a priest/pastor/rabbi, etc. your marriage is effectively fucked over.

So how about listening and reading the WHOLE issues, not talking points. Just because you are against a PART of an issue doesn't mean the entirety of it doesn't affect you in some way. Lets stop being Lemmings people, think, read and do.


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Man I have a couple posts I need to make, need to talk about Heavy Rain as well. Anyway, onward with the review.

As always, there be spoilers here...Collapse )


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Ok, I know I previously talked about my disappointment in the ending of Mass Effect 3, so I am going to do a bit of rehashing, so be warned!

So I finally got the 1.8GB DLC downloadedCollapse )

Honestly, I liked the Extended Cut DLC. It's the ending BioWare should have tried for in the beginning. It's nowhere near perfect, but there is closure. I didn't need a puppies and rainbows ending to be satisfied with the series, but I wanted an ending that made me feel like my character actually did affect the outcome of all these worlds with his/her actions.

I still wish BioWare/EA would have been honest and just outright took blame for something that was obviously flawed. I know all of us who hated the ending are dubbed whiners and haters, but I didn't hate the game! I loved ME3, I loved the journey I took with Shepard, but I hated that the journey didn't end. My Shepard ended but the journey didn't.

ETA: I forgot to mention above that I absolutely hate that though BioWare did fix the ending, they didn't do it without giving fans a big fuck you as well. The "Refusal" ending is one that fans talked about, where Shepard would be rational and reject any decision posed by a being that Shepard knew nothing about. Shepard can verbally refuse or shoot the stupid Star Child, either way it causes absolute destruction and the Reapers move on to reap another day.



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I thought about it a while and figured you know, I bitched about how the ending left me wanting and didn't really wrap eeverything up, so I might as well put how I think it should have on paper.

I would follow in the footsteps of ME2, as that ending worked for everyone involved, you have a good (everyone lives), ok (most people live), bad (everyone dies including Shepard) ending. This satisfies everyone, but you can still make the "official" ending being Shepard sacrifices.

Here's how I would have done it, keep it similar with Shepard mortally wounded in the Harbinger attack. We know all of Shep's crew was with him/her on the planet so for the "official" ending they too were destroyed by the push to Harbinger, but for now keep that off screen with just the radio transmission that everyone was lost same as in game.

The change would start once Shepard opens the Citadel and connects it with the Crucible, going up to talk to the computer AI in charge of everything. Here instead of Shepards options being death, death and more death with a dab of destruction, have the computer AI make sense. In game the AI created the synthetic Reapers because synthetics can't coexist with organics (which is proved entirely wrong IN THE FUCKING GAME), so the AI fixed the problem by creating a synthetic to kill the organics so the synthetics wouldn't kill the organics.

Yes, it's that stupid in game.

Anyway, at this point allow Shepard to actually convince the AI with the example of the Geth and Quarian (the Geth actually making the Quarian lives better and living peacefully now side by side) that organics and synthetics CAN overcome their differences with the right people involved.

Good Ending (for those who can't stand depressing death endings) - The AI deactivates the Reapers (since it built the stupid things but for some reason in game can't control them...uh, say what?) keeping the mass relays intact and for this instance instead of Shepards crew dying in the Harbinger attack they were all just wounded. Normandy retrieves Shepard before he/she dies from massive blood loss, cut to a few months in the future on Earth. Everyone is rebuilding but gathered at a memorial of all that was lost, it's a UNIVERSAL memorial to be put on all planets in the system but unveiled on Earth since that was first strike by the Reapers. Everyone of the crew is there and we can talk to them to see how things are, we can have Tali tell us about her house and being able to walk around outside of her suit. Jack can be there with her biotics kids still moving forward with her life. Liara helping rebuild Thessia with her Shadow Broker contacts but is less cut off from everyone now. Ashley promoted with her own ship. Garrus keeping his command and stays being in charge for once and having real purpose and goal. Wrex visiting with his Krogan kids. EDI and Joker are there happy as ever and Shepard gives a nice speech about unification from a common enemy and learn from past mistakes.

Done, it's the walking off into the sunset ending.

"Official" Ok ending - Shepard is again unable to convince the AI from allowing the cycle to continue, so again sacrificing him/herself to save the universe, but still no affect to the mass relays just the destruction of Shepard and the crucible. Cut to Shepard sitting at a bar with her crew minus EDI and Joker (one of the last things Shepard says to Garrus is to meet in a bar in heaven for drinks, just for context). We can get flashes to Krogan kids (maybe being taught by Turians and Salarians to keep Shepards legacy intact), Thessia being rebuilt, Quarians walking around without their suits on while the Geth help them build a civilization on Rannoch, and again cut to the universal memorial dedicated to all lost (maybe instead of using Buzz Aldrin as a grandpa stargazer instead use him here as a General). I'd like EDI to survive simply because she could be the living embodiment of what Shepard accomplished, turning a rogue AI into a FEELING and thinking individual synthetic. End with Shepard and company toasting (CLOSURE).

Bad ending - keep the ending similar to what is in game now. Shepard sacrifices, mass relays are destroyed and fucks over the whole galaxy since now all major fleets are stuck in the Sol system (Trillions of people for one habitable planet? Not to mention Turians and Quarians can't eat human food and Quarians need specific types of antibiotics!). Normandy crew is killed and instead of Joker space jumping we can get a scene of him trying to save Hackett's ship and doing so but not without losing the Normandy a second time. Flash forward to the future and perhaps we can see a memorial with the Normandy on it as well as all the names of everyone who died along the way (similar to the wall in Normandy's crew deck).

There, everyone is happy more or less. No those endings aren't perfect, but they offer some type of closer. I've sunk weeks into these games (played ME2 8 times, going on a second round at ME3 and I have played numerous DLC's), a bit of closure at the end would have been perfect. I could have even stomached the WTF ending we got if it hadn't just...ended. Plus I think the writers forgot the damage mass relays are supposed to do considering Shepard destroyed a whole Batarian star system blowing up a relay in the DLC for ME2.


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Wow...just. Wow.

Some of that is good wow, some of it is bad wow. Granted I'm not raging against the whole multiverse as some ME fans seem to be (and I doubt it's because I haven't played ME yet, though I did purchase it at a discounted price this weekend to play on my computer that can actually HANDLE game play now). The ending is what I expected, I don't think the execution was anywhere near perfect, and I do have some issues, but I wasn't surprised. It is what it is.

I do however think it's crap Bioware/EA want to force me to play multiplayer so that I can get the best ending offered, but that's neither here nor there.

As always, spoilersCollapse )

Anyway, with my few minor quibbles, I enjoyed the game. So much after I finished I started a New Game+ hot off the credits. I am however still pissed I may have to play multiplayer in order to get the best possible ending for my Shepard. I play EA, they are the devil. All parts of a game should be unlockable in Single Player mode, Multi Player is an extra, a DLC if you will. I hate having my hand forced.


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